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    IAFF Membership Benefits
    IAFF members, their locals, and state and provincial associations can get better benefits through their union membership. Through the International, fire fighters, emergency workers and their families can receive quality health, death and dental programs, union privilege programs, personal finance tools, rental car discounts, and many other great benefits.
    The IAFF and GST office continues to provide quality services and benefits through a strong union membership. The internet and IAFF Online has provided the medium to deliver these benefits and services in a more direct, understandable and quick fashion.
    The new IAFF Online Directory allows the Affiliate Leadership to review/inquire on the latest updated IAFF Directory of Presidents & Recording Secretaries. The information previously available from the printed copy is now quickly available via the click of a mouse.
    Continue to check back for new benefits and services coming soon which will provide the affiliate leadership with the capability to quickly report Officer Changes and routine Membership Change Reports as well as Per Capita Reporting. Members will be able to notify the IAFF of Current Address information and access GST Online Library documentation and participate in online Secretary-Treasurer’s Training modules. The IAFF product order forms will also be available for quick and easy ordering of union-made IAFF products.
    Updates to existing benefits and services and the announcement of new items such as IAFF credit cards, Insurance plans, Union Privilege Programs, Legal Services, Dental and Vision Programs and others are available via IAFF Online and continue to ensure the IAFF membership is provided with the highest quality of service and support.
    IAFF Credit Cards
    There are two options available to members. The corporate card is available for use by locals. Benefits include no annual fee, car rental insurance, and travel insurance. The member card is available to anyone with an IAFF membership. Benefits include no annual fee, 24-hour customer service, travel insurance, and ATM accessibility. For more information on these credit cards, please visit upcard.com or call Union Plus at 1-800-622-2580.
    Catastrophe Major Medical Insurance Plan
    This plan can help where your basic major medical, hospitalization policy and Medicare cannot. Benefits include convalescent care, home health care, and various hospital services. For more information, please call Marsh & Company at 1-800-323-2106. Ask about the IAFF Group Insurance Plan.
    Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance
    This policy covers loss of life and loss of body parts. For more information, please call Marsh and Company at 1-800-323-2106. Ask about their IAFF Group Insurance Plan.
    Mortgage Loan
    Through the IAFF Financial Corporation and Nationwide Advantage Mortgage, IAFF members can obtain low-rate, low-cost home mortgage loans (to purchase a home or refinance an existing mortgage) which offers several benefits that other mortgage companies can’t offer, such as: flexible down payments; lower rates; no loan origination fee; fast, free approval decisions; and best price guarantee. For more information, go to www.iaff-fc.com and click on Home Mortgage Program or talk to an expert mortgage agent by calling 1-888-630-9099 from 6:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. eastern time on Mon.-Fri. or 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. eastern time on Saturday.
    AFL-CIO Union Plus Programs from Union Privilege
    The Union Plus benefits from Union Privilege offer quality services that are offered in addition to the traditional advantages of union membership. For more information, please go to the Union Plus Web Site located at www.unionplus.org.
    Legal Services
    As a member of the IAFF you are eligible for legal assistance. Through our program, you may get a free consultation, free document explanation and review, and discount on services. For more information, please Search for attorney online or call Union Plus Legal Service at 1-800-452-9425.
    Dental and Vision program
    IAFF members may save on out-of-pocket dental and vision care. The benefits include 30 percent savings (on average) on over 170 dental services and 20 to 50 percent on vision services. For more information, call 1-800-257-8352
    Car Rental
    If you and your family are taking a trip, you may get discounts on car rentals. Call the following numbers and give the accompanying ID number:
    Avis 1-800-698-5685, AWD #B723700.
    Budget 1-800-455-2848, BCD #V816100.
    You can also check rates and look online for Union Plus discounts.
    The IAFF also has an agreement with National Car Rental. For worldwide reservations, call toll-free 1-800-CAR-RENT. From Canada, call collect 612-830-2345. The IAFF Recap ID number is 5600390.
    Union Hotels
    Through your IAFF membership, you may receive a special reduced rate at the Hotel Royal Plaza at Walt Disney World and other hotels in hot spots around the country. Check phone numbers and rates online at www.UnionPrivilege.com.
    Union Made Checks
    Get union-printed checks and return-address labels featuring the IAFF logo. Please call 1-888-864-6625 for more information.
    Cingular - http://www.unionsplus.org/cingular-wireless.cfm Stay connected wherever you go with Cingular wireless discounts of 5-10% off - plus $50 off a Motorola phone.

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